About Victoria Metaxas

Hello lovely people!
I’m Victoria Metaxas, the London-based founder and photographer behind the travel print brand Victoria’s Stories! I created Victoria’s Stories so I could bring beautiful places into your home through my colourful photos. My love of photography stemmed from wanting to capture the most idyllic corners of our world and I pride myself on my bright, bold and colourful photographs. From the magical Amalfi Coast to the cobbled streets of the Greek Islands, and from the quaint streets of London to the elegant corners of Paris, I hope to sprinkle a little bit of wanderlust onto your walls with my travel prints.

I’m so excited to be partnering with Print and Proper to bring my colourful photo prints to Australia (and all over the world!). You can find a selection of my best-selling travel images right here, ready to take you on an adventure to your favourite destination. Whether you’re a travel-lover daydreaming of your next bucket-list travel location, or looking to brighten up your walls with memories from your favourite holiday spot - you’ll find all the unique, colourful travel photos you need here! 

Print and Proper offer wonderful posters, canvases and framed wall art prints, so I hope you find the artwork you were dreaming of. Thank you for supporting my work and happy shopping!