Ivy Green Illustrations


Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam. I'm Sophie Bek, the creative force behind Ivy Green Illustrations. I'm an animal & nature lover, can't live without books & music. People in general are my forever muse. You'll see all that back in my figurative artworks. I have a passion for unleashing creativity in my spare time. Whether it's crafting watercolor paintings, delving into graphic design, or embracing spontaneous DIY adventures, my journey has been one of artistic exploration. 

My father who coined the name "The Ivy," a plant that starts its journey in the shadows, gradually growing stronger and taller toward the light. A story of resilience, of drawing strength from the shadows, and of finding your own radiance. In a world where we're bombarded with endless expectations and pressures, my artworks are a gentle reminder to embrace "me time." We're all just a small fragment in the tapestry of humanity, and it's easy to get lost. Yet, the true essence of life lies in those precious moments when we pause, retreat from the chaos, and embrace ourselves.