Paper? Canvas? Framed? A helpful guide to our 3 standard print types

Hello and welcome to our first blog post. We aim to create resources to help guide & inspire you to style your space using wall art, within your budget.  Our prints range from budget friendly unframed prints & posters, to fully framed wall art. With so many options on offer it can be hard to choose! We will take you through all our print types so you can make the right choice for your space and wallet.

 Art Paper (Unframed) + BYO frames 

This is our favourite as it's so versatile! Our budget friendly option at only $19.95. A4 is the the smallest size we offer. 240 gsm thick art paper with a matte finish. Commercially printed locally, using high grade anti-fade inks. Sustainably sourced and FSC©C007888 Certified. Fully archival (acid & chlorine free) to ensure your print will stand the test of time. They are sent rolled up in a tube for anything A3 or larger. A4 are sent in rigid cardboard mailers. 

Pro Tips - Watch out for glossy prints.. they can stick to glass! Our art paper prints feature a matte finish, so they won't ever stick to the glass or perspex faces in most frames.
Make sure you flatten your prints before popping them into a frame. We will write up a guide on this in the future. Basically add some clean white paper or cloth on top & bottom for protection, and place some flat objects on top like books. Wait a day or two and they should be ready to go 😊

Go ahead and order a few to get a discount. Any orders over 2 get 10% off (code = TENOFF). Here are some cute prints in A4, A3 and A2 size before we roll them up into a tube. 


BYO Frame.. Save some cash and buy your frames at Kmart, IKEA, or Freedom. Simply pop your prints in and get styling. Easily swap out the prints at any time to change the look of your space later, BAM! Here we are framing up one of our art prints using a KMART frame..

Here is a video of our paper so you can get a better idea. These are sent to you rolled up in a tube for anything A3 or larger. A4 are sent in rigid cardboard mailers.


 Stretched Canvas 

Next up we have our entry level ready to hang artwork - gorgeous framed canvas 😄 Your artwork is printed on canvas and wrapped around a frame. The frame is 3 cm deep from the wall. Edges of artwork wrap seamlessly around the frame depth. As canvas is a fabric it has a textured surface. 

Our Stretched Canvas cost is a little higher than the paper, however it is great if you cannot be bothered framing it yourself ... we hear you, our attention span = zero! These sit great on the wall, and have a clean minimal look. Of course they are also of excellent quality and will stand the test of time, just make sure you keep them away from water, kids and pets! 

Pro Tip - These are lightweight and so easy to hang! The 3M command range have great options to can get them on the wall quickly and easily, even if you are renting 🙌  3M also have special canvas hangers if you prefer, get them at Bunnings here.

Here is how they look on a wall - clean & sleek with no visible frames. Collect a few and group them together to create a gallery wall look like this:

Here is a photo of our stretched canvas on a customer's wall:

Check out our Stretched Canvas video here so you can see how they look at all angles 


 Framed Prints  

Now we are talking! Our framed prints look stunning on the wall and can elevate any space. Handcrafted locally from sustainably sourced timber by professional framers. Featuring crystal clear plexi-glass faces (stronger than glass). 2 cm front x 2.3 cm deep (A0 & larger are 3-4cm deep). White, Black & Natural. Hook or cord at the back, ready to hang and look amazing on your wall!

Pro Tip - You can also use 3M wall strips to hang these. They are lightweight in the smaller sizes. They already have a hook at the back. We suggest 3M velcro strips or the universal hanger, check them out at Bunnings here & here.

Some drool-worthy inspo here.. these guys really make an impact! 

The devil is in the details.. these are not just called floating frames for no reason. Once the canvas is fitted inside it creates a floating effect, casting a shadow between the canvas and frame, making it look like it's floating on air. This creates a dramatic look and draws your eye further into the print itself.

Check out some of the detailed photos below:

And last but not least a quick video featuring these beauties:

Thanks guys we hope all this info was helpful. Any hanging products mentioned above have not been sponsored, we just find them to be useful solutions based on our own experience. We hope you find this guide helpful in making your wall art decisions!



If you choose to use any of the suggested hanging products mentioned above, including but not limited to the 3M command range, please ensure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for each of the different products listed on the back of the pack carefully, to minimise risk of frame falling. Further details from 3M can be found here and here.

Please note stick-on wall strips or hooks do fail from time to time, due to age, humidity, not being applied in the correct manner, etc. We cannot be held responsible for these products failing if this method is used. While we may provide these strips with some of our products for free, they do not constitute part of the product. Please consult a mounting specialist if you are unsure how to hang or install the wall art in a safe and secure manner. We cannot be held responsible for for any loss or damage arising from these hanging products, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential. 

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