How to flatten a rolled print or poster using a tube

Ah, the joys of receiving a poster in the mail, only to unroll it and begin a wrestle with stubborn curling. It's like trying to reason with a cat who's decided that your freshly ironed shirt is their new napping spot! But fear not, we're about to embark on a journey through the treacherous terrain of poster unrolling, armed with nothing but wit, determination, and your cardboard postage tube. But hey, any tube will do—a cardboard postage poster tube or even a PVC plumbing tube if that's all you have. Just make sure the tube is CLEAN first; we wouldn't want any unexpected surprises lurking in the depths of your makeshift poster-flattening apparatus. After all, nobody wants food on their posters. So grab your poster and let's flatten this rolled-up rascal together! 😊

Read on below or check out our Youtube video here:

 1. Unpack & Grab a few supplies 

It's time to liberate your poster from its cozy mailing tube. First make sure your'e working on a clean, light coloured / white surface. If not, lay a clean light coloured towel down first. Gently remove your poster from the tube and set it aside, ready for it's grand unveiling. Now grab yourself a roll of masking tape and, if you're feeling fancy (or just want to channel your inner art conservationist), don a pair of optional cotton gloves. Let's get to it!


 2. The Great Unrolling Begins  

Alright, it's showtime! Grab those gloves if you're feeling fancy (or just want to avoid fingerprints or scratches), and make sure you've got your trusty masking tape or a clean paperweight on standby. Delicately fold the tissue paper onto one side of your poster and grip it. With your makeshift shield in place, gently lay it down and secure this side with your tape or weight, ensuring the weight is layign on top of the tissue paper - not the print itself.

With one side safely anchored, it's time for the grand reveal—carefully unfurl the rest of your poster



 3. Flip It Like It's Hot 

Alright, buckle up, because we're about to tackle the trickiest part of this poster-flattening extravaganza! If your print is small and cooperative, flipping it over like a pancake is a breeze—just turn it face down (white side up) and use the masking tape as a trusty weight to keep it in check.

But if your print is larger than life, fear not! Follow my lead and channel your inner poster-whisperer. Take a look at the photo above. See that hand about to flip the print over? That's your cue to swing that side over to the other side (where the masking tape is in the photo) and secure it in place by putting the roll of tape on top. Need a closer look? Check out our YouTube video a step-by-step demonstration.

Now, with one side conquered, it's time to wrangle the other half. Hold and carefully unfurl it across to the opposite side, making sure your print is now facing down (white side up), just like it should be. Voila! You've officially mastered the art of the flip, without a single cartwheel in sight. 


 4. Rolling in Reverse 

Alright, time to put that trusty tube to work! Place the tube on top of the print, shortest side facing you. Now, here comes the fun part — start rolling up your poster in the opposite direction. That's right, we're breaking all the rules here! 


 5. Secure it in place 

Finally, we get to actually use the masking tape for it's true purpose! Tear off a little tape and secure it all down. We're taping over tissue paper here. If your actual print is sticking out then you might want to use an elastic band to do this so it doesnt get damaged. Now, here's the hard part: waiting. Grab a cuppa, sit back and let it all marinate for around 60 minutes 😁


 6. The Big Reveal 

And just like that, it's time to unfurl! Channel your inner Elsa and let it go—remove the tape or elastic with a sense of liberation that would make even the Ice Queen proud. And just like magic, your print emerges from its cocoon, flat as a pancake (or as some people think, the Earth). Marvel at your handiwork, for you've conquered the curl and emerged victorious. Your masterpiece awaits its moment in the spotlight, so without further ado, get framing!


 Final Thoughts 

From battling stubborn curls to mastering the flip and roll, you've tackled each step with finesse and determination. As you admire your flattened masterpiece, take a moment to appreciate the journey—the highs, the lows, and the unexpected twists along the way.

Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps one day we'll grace you with a how-to frame demo, but for now, bask in the glory of your flattened print and dream of the frames that await. The world is your oyster, and your poster is ready to shine!🙌  

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