Create Your Own Mood Board - Quickly & Easily with this Drag & Drop Tool

Having something in your mind and seeing it in front of you are two different things. It’s not always easy to visualise everything together. How do you choose the right paint colour, furniture, accessories and wall art.. keeping in mind all these elements need to work together to create the perfect space? An easy solution is a mood board! Mood Boards can help define - and refine - your vision. A few good prints on the wall will add life and personality to your home, but the minute you start shopping the endless choices can get overwhelming! Its soooo much easier to create a visual "road map" of your plan - BEFORE you hit the shops!

This is where Style Sourcebook comes in. It's a (free!) online tool that turns you into your own interior decorator ✨ Simply drag & drop to create a stunning mood board. It's a great way to source all your products in one place. Lisa Cousens - Founder of Style Sourcebook - created this tool as a one stop shop. “Often, that can be very time consuming if you’re doing it offline: having to get swatches and samples,” she says. “So our key feature is a drag and drop mood board tool that enables you to mix and match products.”

Read more below and see some examples of boards our customers have created.


 Drag and Drop to Create with Ease 

Whether you’re renovating your own room, or your entire house, it’s good to have an aesthetic in mind. Just because you like a variety of different items, doesn’t mean they should all go in one room together. Creating a mood board will give you a better understanding of the bigger picture, while still focusing on the individual elements.

Better yet, it’s a fun and easy process. The easy drag and drop system allows you to use real products from trusted brands (like us!) for your inspiration, so that in the end you know exactly where to buy and what to buy. Not only is this a huge time saver, but you’re also guaranteed to be happy with the end result. In other words, you won’t be left with buyer’s remorse.

According to Lisa, “Interior designers or specifiers within the builder find it useful if the consumer brings their mood board to their selections appointment with ‘this is the look I’m thinking of.’ It helps them start the conversation and narrow down the choices,” she says.


 Refine Your Vision  

When thinking about the design for your space, decide on the feel you want first. Do you want it to inspire creativity? Do you want it to feel warm and cosy? Do you want it to be a place of calm? 

Style Sourcebook allows you to easy save your boards and share, if you need a second opinion. The design community is huge. It's a centralised hub where all design devotees can not only source their products, but can also share their design ideas with others. The Instagram community is also a great place for all the dreamers and doers to post their designs. As below with Designingly and PAX who have kindly shared their boards with us on instagram! Once you have refined your final vision, it’s as simple as drag and drop and smile and shop!

Pictured (Top left): Mood Board by Designingly, Link to print HERE | Pictured (Top Right): Mood Board by PAX, Link to print HERE | Pictured (Bottom left): Mood Board by Stone & Oak, Link to print HERE | Pictured (Bottom Right): Mood Board by Arc & Arlo, Link to print HERE

When you’re creating your mood board, simply type Print and Proper into the search bar for a list of prints!

What are you waiting for? Go to Style Sourcebook to create your first mood board, and let us know which awesome print you’ve used in your design. Not sure where to start? When you’re on the website, visit the mood board inspiration page for some incredible ideas.

We are excited to see what you create 🙌

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